What is Dowel Bar? Its use, purpose and advantage

What is Dowel Bar?

The term dowel bar is not a new thing, it is just the regular steel that is extended to some length for future construction. It is more of a field name. Steel reinforcement extends to a certain length for future extension in a framed structure is called a dowel bar. The round, short, and smooth steel bars are provided in the concrete structure for a mechanical connection between slabs to transfer the load uniformly without restricting the horizontal joint movement. The dowel bar is only the extension of the rod in columns or slabs.

Size Of Dowel Bar

  • The minimum diameter of the dowel bar is 25 mm used in the pavement for load transfer.
  • Dowel bars are generally 32 to 38 mm (1.25 to 1.5 inches) in diameter, 18 inches long, and spaced 12 inches apart.

Uses of Dowel Bars

  • It is used in column, slab, or staircase design where there is a chance of enlarging or expanding in the future.
  • It is used in the rigid pavement where steel and concrete are used.

Dowel Bars

Purpose of Dowel Bars

  • The purpose of the dowel bar is to enhance the performance of joints.
  • Dowe bars are provided to reduce joint faulting.
  • Dowel bars are provided to transfer load across concrete joints.
  • It reduces corner cracking.
  • To transfer the load from one member to its adjacent member such as one slab to its adjacent slab.

Advantages of Dowel Bars

  • Increases the pavement life.
  • Increases the load-carrying capacity of the slab.
  • Reduces deflection and stress.
  • Enhances the performance of structural member joints.
  • Grows the cost of the project but reduces life cycle costs.


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