How to Calculate the Weight of Steel Bars?

Calculation of the Weight of Steel Bars

Steel, stainless steel, and aluminium are the three most commonly used construction materials. Weight calculation is also needed in the transport sector and for lifting equipment. Now, we calculate the unit weight of the steel bar of different diameters by using the steel bar weight formula.

Steel Bar Weight Calculation

Steel Bar


  • D = Diameter of the bar in mm.
  • L  = Length of the bar in meter.

Weight of Steel Bar per meter with different Diameters (Length in meters and Diameter in mm)

  • 6 mm Φ bar = 0.222 kg/m.
  • 8 mm Φ bar = 0.394 kg/m.
  • 10 mm Φ bar = 0.616 kg/m.
  • 12 mm Φ bar = 0.887 kg/m.
  • 16 mm Φ bar = 1.577 kg/m.
  • 20 mm Φ bar = 2.465 kg/m.
  • 25 mm Φ bar = 3.851 kg/m.

where, Φ = Diameter steel bar.


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