How to Store Cement on Construction Site?

What is Cement?

Cement is a powder of lime, silica, iron oxide, alumina, and magnesium oxide burned together in a furnace and finely crushed and used as an ingredient of concrete and mortar. It is a substance used for construction that hardens, sets, and sticks to other materials to bind them together. It is used to bind sand and aggregate together. Here, we see how to store cement on site.



Storing of Cement on Site

  • Store the cement in a dry, leak-proof, and seepage-proof storeroom.
  • There should be a minimum number of doors and windows in the storeroom.
  • There should not any holes and partial openings in doors and windows. They should be closed all the time.
  • These cement bags should be covered with tarpaulins or plastic sheets.

Covered cement

  • Cement bags should be stacked on a wooden plank placed 6 inches above the floor.
  • The maximum height of stacks should not be more than 10 bags and the width of stacks should not be more than 4 bags or 3 meters.
  • Cement bags should be at least 1 foot from the wall.

Stacked cement bags

  • The cement bag should be used on a first come first serve basis i.e. oldest cement should be used first.
  • Different types of cement must be stacked separately.
  • Cement bags should be closed to each other to reduce the passage of air.


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